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The Lotus Scent
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The Lotus Scent


Dimension: 500mm x 500mm

Material: Chinese Painting on traditional rice paper

Year: 2000

Artist: Luan Luzhang (1943), Shandong, China. He is also known as Lu Ning and Le Wu'an.

  • Introduction: He began to learn painting and calligraphy when he was a child. He graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in decoration; later he went to the Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House. He was admitted to be a disciple of Professor Guo Xihe, a famous Chinese painter. His flower and bird paintings are pure, simple, lively, elegant, and innovative. He has been exhibiting his work in United States, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, which has led to his work being collected by people from all over the world. Some of his representative works include "Peony Picture", "Hundred Fish Picture", "One Night After a Drizzle in the Lotus Pond" and "Grapes Full of Almost Mid-Autumn Festival".
  • Notable accomplishments: He is the author of "Artistic Animal Materials", "Flowers and Fishes-Luan Luzhang Flower and Bird Paintings", "Freehand Goldfish Techniques", and "Lan Luzhang Traditional Chinese Painting Works". He also designs book covers and edits books, many of which won national gold medals, provincial first prizes, and provincial bronze awards. He has compiled some of his works into the following collections: "Dictionary of Chinese Contemporary Artists and Celebrities", "Chinese Contemporary Who's Who (International Celebrities Edition)", "Chinese Contemporary Art Celebrities Dictionary". He has been awarded the title of "World Calligraphy and Painting Art Celebrities".
  • Professional memberships and appointments: He is a member of Chinese Artists Association, Member of China Binding Art Committee, Director of Liaoning Artists Association, Vice Chairman of Liaoning Binding Art Committee, Director of Liaoning Calligraphers Association, Director of Liaoning Chinese Painting Art Committee and so on.

Painting Description: The Chinese word for lotus is a homonym of the word for harmony, and people often use it to decorate their homes during the Spring Festival. The lotus flower blossom above the surface of stagnant water in the murky depths of ponds and lakes. One can almost imagine it is a beautiful young woman or fairy rising out of the water. The ancient Chinese revered the lotus as a symbol of purity and elegance, so they compared lotus to noble gentlemen. It also symbolizes beautiful love. The lotus root of the lotus represents the inseparable love in couples. A lotus flower is considered the symbol of purity in China, because it grows in muddy water but remains unsullied; it is delicate and beautiful without being fussy. The lotus blossom represents the nobility of flowers because of its cultural significance.

This collectible art is 100% handmade and is the only one of its kind.

Please be aware that paintings are sold independently, with no frames or mat included. This item is packed in a plastic tube during transportation and is not returnable or refundable. 

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